The Indonesian island of Bali is called the Island of the Gods by locals and known as a tourist paradise by everyone else. And the reputation for beauty is paying off: Bali’s economy is flourishing, as evidenced by the number of new hotels, roads, communication infrastructure, and an international airport. 

But not everyone in Bali is benefiting from the spurt of economic growth. Just a few hours from the tourist beaches, you’ll find some of the world’s most impoverished communities.

Mission: Hope serves in the area of Bali that is home to Mount Agung, a difficult to predict volcano that has erupted seven times in the last two centuries. Unlike most of Muslim Indonesia, the Balienese are almost entirely Hindu, with a wide variety of gods, temples, and religious practices. For these remote villagers, the beautiful “Island of the Gods” is characterized by malnutrition, limited access to healthcare or clean water, a booming human trafficking industry, and the terrifying unpredictability of drought, volcano, or divine anger.

Join us as we support local churches and communities in offering real hope to villages in Bali.






At Mission: Hope we know that you want to see the impact that your generosity is making possible in the ministries you support. In order to do that, you need timely, transparent updates. We believe that you deserve to hear and see what is happening in the places we serve. This is why we created our Mission Metrics and hold ourselves to a high level of accountability.