As the Founder, previous Executive Director of ROW and an ordained Presbyterian minister, Ben has spent over 40 years serving others around the world and continues to help the second generation of Mission: Hope, by providing guidance, inspiration and his valuable time.

Since 1978, Ben has worked on behalf of international health development, explorations and Christian missions. He has worked extensively in the Congo, Kenya, Cameroon, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, El Salvador, Brazil, Belize, Ecuador, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Guatemala.

Ben was also a regular on K-LOVE Christian Radio, reaching over 3 million listeners with a twice-daily feature about his mission adventures. He has written numerous books, including a series of audio books, DVD’s and paperback books under the title of “Lessons From The Forests.”

Rotary International awarded Ben with an Honorary Paul Harris Award in 1999 and an Honorary Membership in appreciation for his work fighting polio and river blindness. Hampden-Sydney College has also awarded Ben with an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters (L.D.H.) in May of 1999 and with the James Madison Award for “Extraordinary Humanitarian Service in Some of the World’s Most Distressed Areas” by The Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest in April 2007. An avid sportsman, he hunts and fishes around the world. He enjoys music and is an often-published photographer.

  • Rhodes College – B.A.
  • Columbia Theological Seminary – M-Div.
  • Washington College Academy – D.D.
  • Hampden-Sydney College – L.D.H.

Ben is married to Pui, and they spend their time living in Georgia and Thailand. Ben has two sons: Benjamin, who lives in Hollywood and is an actor, and Adam, a Major and Methodist Minister, who has three sons and one daughter.