We are excited to share a major announcement for Rivers of the World!

     Last summer, we conducted research among the key stakeholders of our organization, surveying our board of trustees, church partners, strategic partners, and supporters to better appreciate their involvement and understanding of ROW. We were pleased to hear that everyone has immense trust in our organization and work! After more research, discussion, and prayer, we decided it would be best to change Rivers of the World to Mission: Hope.
     As we look back over the years, ROW described our geographical ministry, but Mission: Hope reflects the heart of our organization. If you take the time to see who we are and what we do, you can only reach one conclusion, we are Mission: Hope!

 Updated brand elements


     We wanted our new logo identity to emphasize the human element of our work. For us, the handprint logo serves as a constant reminder of the actual people that we serve. We never want to lose sight of this.    

     Additionally, the linear structure of the logo draws inspiration from the tribal art/designs frequently found and associated in the remote villages in which we serve.


Building upon a rich history.

     For over 20 years, ROW has tackled critical needs in some of the most remote areas on the planet. Led by the vision and adventurous spirit of Dr. Ben Mathes, our organization has provided medical care for millions and led thousands of people to experience new life in Jesus. 

     Our goal today is to continue building upon our rich history. While our work has expanded beyond the river, our heart and vision remain the same: doing whatever it takes to bring hope to the hopeless.