We exist to serve the most vulnerable in remote, isolated villages. Children are even more vulnerable than others, and they are the future of these villages! The gifts below provide hope for children and ultimately hope that lasts.


The local churches in the villages we serve existed long before us and will be there long after we leave. The gifts below allow us to continue to partner with the pastors of these churches and equip them so they can serve their communities holistically and bring hope that lasts.


Farming is the primary source of income and food in the villages where we serve. The gifts below provide hope to farmers, ensuring they are equipped to provide nutritious food for their homes, have extra crops to sell, and ultimately have hope that lasts.


Transformation begins with a family and trickles out to transform entire villages. Our projects and programs impact families for generations to come. The gifts below ensure that families are strong, healthy, and have hope that lasts.


Livelihood goes beyond just the necessities of life. The gifts below give the individuals we serve more opportunities and the ability to meet their own needs sustainably, ultimately providing hope that lasts.