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Restoring Hope for Tianyar

When we asked the local village leader, Pak Ketut, about the major issues in his village in Bali, he referred to a common village expression: ‘It cost a cow to feed a cow.’ What he meant was that the cost of water was so high during the dry season that it is impossible for any farmer to make a profit. As we began to learn more about this village, we discovered that lack of access to water was the source of many problems and can lead to a toxic cycle of despair for many of the families in Bali.  


We will pipe water to the mountainside village of Tianyar from a nearby lake on the other side the mountain using a freshwater pump. The majority of families already have cisterns for storing and treating water, so the urgent need that we will provide is access to fresh water. This plan was developed by the local communities and will be implemented by our local staff!