The root of the word courage, cor-, is the Latin word for heart. We typically think of courage as heroic and brave deeds. In my opinion, this fails to recognize the inner strength and commitment that comes from the heart. Many of the people we serve have to have courage each day as they walk through life. Not just courage, but uncommon courage. Courage that you don’t find within everyone. You find this same courage displayed through people like Joshua, Esther, and David in the Bible!

The stories of Saylay, Yeremias, and Marvin that you’ve made possible, all display uncommon courage every day!


The earthquake on August 5 took everyone in Lombok, Indonesia by surprise. The epicenter of the earthquake was located just a few miles from Saylay’s village. “We were terrified and started screaming,” said Saylay, “when the earth stopped moving my husband ran in to rescue our two sons who were buried under the rubble, but our youngest son had already stopped breathing when we got to him.”

Because of your generosity, Rodi is receiving trauma care as he processes the loss of his younger brother. We’ve also helped their family clean up the debris from their home, provided rice, water, and a hygiene kit! Saylay's family now has a relationship with our staff in Lombok who are able to share that Jesus' love is what motivates us to help them in this difficult time!

Saylay’s family displays uncommon courage  each day as they mourn the loss of their son and try to rebuild their lives after losing everything in the earthquakes.

Pastor Yeremias, his wife Omina, and their two daughters live in the remote village of Sengganugu, Papua in Indonesia.

He says, “Mission: Hope has helped me be a better pastor. They’ve helped me preach better sermons, and they’ve equipped me to reach the vulnerable here in my village. We already see gardens yielding more crops, children who are healthier, husbands and wives who are growing closer together and know how to resolve conflict.”

In 2010, Pastor Yeremias experienced an illness that makes it hard for him to walk, as he is in the picture at the top of this page with his cane. He displays uncommon courage  each day as he leads his family, church, and village in the face of great adversity.


Marvin lives in the village of Kansas City in Nicaragua. He grew up in this village, went off to school, and moved home to help his village. When we started construction on the medical clinic in Nicaragua years ago, Marvin quickly emerged as a leader in the area we serve up-river. He helped us survey every family in the five villages to understand their health needs. He served with us for years as a volunteer, passionate about the future of his village, and is now one of our staff members up-river.

Recently during the political unrest in Nicaragua, when we were cut off from the villages, Marvin displayed uncommon courage and ensured that all of our projects continued forward with no issues.

How will you display uncommon courage?

One way to have uncommon courage is through your generosity in support of Mission: Hope.

We need your support TODAY to finish 2018 strong and ensure stories like these continue to occur!